Call Center Operations

The model describes the work of the Support Center. Requests come to the center and can be processed at different levels of support.

Requests come from three different areas: calls, emails, and faxes. The complexity of each task can range from 1-3 and will be defined as software or hardware. A phone call has first priority and should be answered quickly so the customer does not become frustrated and hang up. The next priority levels are emails and then faxes.

There are three corresponding employee levels for each customer priority type and a zero level employee who is in training to become a level one employee. Each employee specializes in one of the product types. If tasks are assigned to employees that are not their specialization it will take longer to process calls. There will be constant shifting of job positions. Four shifts of employees will ensure that there is at least one working and three resting shifts. Night shifts will have fewer employees.

When a request comes in it will not be allowed to skip the first level but can be resolved at any level. If a task is considered a level three it will automatically go from level one to level three, being allowed to skip level two. A call can only be redirected to an employee at a higher level if there is someone available to take the call. If there isn’t anyone available at the time of transfer employees must keep the caller on the phone until someone at the next level is available. If there are several available employees the call will be transferred to someone with the corresponding specialization.